Squeepedia: Spanking

[5 April 2016]

Spanking Slapping buttocks within a power dynamic framing, as a focus (or fetishized) during the video, or if there are 4 or more slaps or smacks in a row using a hand/paddle/strap or similar.

The process behind the changes:

The majority of input (mostly through Twitter–thank you!) seems focused on two main themes: quantity in succession, and context–with a dash of intent and degree of emphasis. Fuck Theory succinctly lays out the context/intent connection in the Squeepedia comments section under the accidentally autocorrected name of love Theory.

But how many slaps?

As the pattern emerged from words like buildup, prolonged, several, contiguous, and especially plural, our content manager was asking me to clarify this exact thing because they had been drawing the distinction between spanking vs slapping: ass as “many ass slaps in rapid succession” vs “haphazard tapping of an ass a couple of times.” Which had been working great. Until we had a video with two very purposeful slaps that I had tagged as spanking using a different (subjective) definition.

Having a sub-tag for every number of slaps would mean sacrificing usability, certainly with the current user interface. And—to address the question Ruz-El brought up—while we do try to anticipate concepts that might make useful tags, both Squick- and Squee- wise, we are also wary of overly complicating the system when there is no need.

My friend Leslie—who is a member of Tx—was sitting on the couch next to me, and offered “4.” Which felt exactly right. Ideally, I think it would be 3 for a squick and 5 for a squee–erring on the side of caution for a Squick but avoiding possible disappointment for a Squee–but that level of complication in our tags is a whole big project, and this is the next step towards that. 4 is a decent compromise for now.

Things I’m curious about: How many videos that qualify as spanking in the power dynamic and focus/fetishized definitions would NOT qualify already by the 4 or more slaps one.

[31 March 2016]

Spanking Slapping buttocks, whether the slapping is done with hands or some other implement. In some ways this is essentially a synonym for the same concept as Slapping: ass but there is just something more going on with spanking than the basic physical action of a palm or a strap connecting with an ass. *This needs further definition, and the opinions of people who feel really strongly about smacking butts. Is the difference psychological? Does it have something to do with context?