Graphic Depictions, Scene 05


Ana Foxxx is untamable. 

Ana’s face is gorgeous and her ass is glorious. She knows both of these things but she still responds to compliments with a pretty smile. Her submission to Ramon and Toni Ribas is freely given yet remains hers to retract at will.

As the three performers were getting dressed for their scene, I heard them going over preferences and limits with regards to the sexual acts they would perform. I heard Ana say she wanted her partners to be rough.

There’s blurry line between erring on the side of caution and respecting a performer’s agency and ability to state their own desires.

“Rough” is a broad and highly subjective word, especially when bullwhips are involved.

If you tell a performer you are about to work with that you’re really into rough sex without qualifying it or describing what you mean, your definition of rough and theirs have a good chance of not matching up. 

Most experienced performers will proceed with caution, but if you tell them multiple times to hit you in the face as hard as they can (harder, no, HARDER) they’re eventually going to hit you. In the face. Hard. Just like you’ve asked for. 

Sometimes this ends in tears. It’s usually uncomfortable for everyone, can be traumatic for the performer on the receiving end, and is also sometimes disturbing for the performer who is in the role of the top. 

Best, then, to strive for specificity when discussing sexual acts. So I asked Ana to define rough.

Ana’s definition of rough was much rougher than anything we were shooting that day. Still, better to have asked for elaboration than to risk someone going too far.

I was already aware that Toni had worked at live sex shows in Europe when he first started performing, and was pleasantly surprised to find out that Ramon had as well. 

This meant that they knew exactly what I was after with the project: a static establishing frame mimicking archival footage of stage productions, everything done with an intensity that would play for the back of the room—not just the “front row” of the closeups that would be cut into the main wide shot.

We shot the intro: Ramon and Toni walking out from side-stage and cracking their whips, followed by Ana strolling into the frame and perching on the podium. We did a second take for safety and proceeded directly into the sex scene. 

I watched on the monitor as a perfect scene unfolded. Almost as perfect as Ana’s beautiful face.


Graphic Depictions Episode 05